Great Research Topics for any Subject

Great Research Topics for any Subject
Table of Contents
  1. Great Research Topics for any Subject
  2. What is a research paper
  3. How to start a research paper
  4. What makes a good research topic
  5. How to pick a good research paper topic
  6. 1.Read the instructions and understand the requirements
  7. 2.Think of your interests
  8. 3.Create a list and narrow it down
  9. 4.Research the topic
  10. 5.Write down a thesis statement
  11. 6.Formulate research question
  12. Types of research questions
  13. 7.Create an outline
  14. Best research paper topics
  15. High School
  16. College research paper topics
  17. Controversial research paper topics
  18. Research paper topics on environment
  19. Business ethics
  20. Persuasive research paper topics
  21. World History research paper topics
  22. Cannot find the right topic for your research?

When you enter the university, you will complete numerous different academic assignments. One of them is a research paper. This assignment is easy if you know all the tips and tricks. Research writing is a time consuming process and sometimes requires professional thesis help. Many students get stuck at the very first stage, which is picking the topic. We have written this article to ease your college life and created a list of the most interesting and relevant topics to choose from.

What is a research paper 

A research paper is an academic assignment that presupposes collecting information on your topic from the different sources, analyzing it, and summarizing to give an answer to the set questions. Research usually consists of an abstract, literature review, methods, and research paper discussion. However, it depends on the instructions. The professor might ask you to add an executive summary, implementation section, results, etc. Thus, make sure to check your paper instructions.

How to start a research paper

To start is 50% of the process. Thus, start your research paper with pre-writing and research.

  1. Read the instructions assigned. First of all, take your time to read the instructions. Do it as soon as you receive the assignment if you are not going to start it right away. The information will get to your brain and you will ponder it over subconsciously. Also, you will have time to specify the unclear instructions with your professor if there are some.
  2. Brainstorm, create the list, and pick the topic. First of all, think of the topics interesting for you and write them down, think of the interesting topics covered in class, you may also search for some ideas online.
  3. Formulate a thesis statement. Thesis statement is the main idea of your research. It should be clear, debatable, original, and express your view point. Wondering how to start off a thesis statement or where does a thesis statement go, check our detailed guides for more useful information. 
  4. Write down research questions. After this, it's time for developing a research question. These are the exact questions you are going to analyze and answer in your research. There might be either one or several questions. There are several types of research questions; namely:
  • Descriptive
  • Comparative
  • Correlational
  • Explanatory
  • Exploratory
  • Evaluative
  1. Draft an outline. Although many students skip this part, creating an outline is rather helpful. First of all, it helps to organize your ideas logically. Apart from that, ir saves your time when writing (as you don’t have to think what comes next; you simply follow the plan) and helps you not to miss the important details
  2. Start writing. When you have a topic, research questions, and an outline, you can start writing your research paper. Make sure to follow that plan thoroughly and properly cite all the borrowed ideas.

What makes a good research topic  

Everybody speaks of a good research topic. But before picking that research topic, you should understand what it is. A good topic is :

  1. Interesting for you. It will allow you to find more details and the writing process will be engaging for the writer.
  2. Interesting for your audience. For sure, you should consider the reader, for if you write about solar system for the Maths class, it will definitely not be interesting
  3. Relevant. Pick the topic considering its relevance in general. Also, make sure to follow all the instructions assigned.
  4. Fresh and enticing. Most commonly, the research paper topics that have not been investigated enough yet are the most interesting. Try to choose those that are highly unlikely to have already been discussed in class.

How to pick a good research paper topic 

Picking a topic for research paper can be engaging if you know how to do it right. In the process, you may even find numerous ideas for your further research. So, let's get to the point

        1.Read the instructions and understand the requirements

 It’s logical that you should understand what you should write. Read the instructions attentively to be sure that you get the point and will be able to get an A if you follow them. Also, try to check them beforehand for the case if you don’t understand something, you had enough time for research.

        2.Think of your interests 

Then, think about topics for research paper that are interesting for you and you would like to investigate. Also, make sure they are relevant for the class. You may also find some ideas for the research online.

        3.Create a list and narrow it down

A good technique is to brainstorm, find the interesting topics, and write them all down. Then read the list and leave only the most engaging topics for your research. You may repeat the procedure several times until there are only a few best topics left.

        4.Research the topic

When you have settled with the research idea choice, make sure it is fit for your research. Some ideas sound great but might be too broad or too narrow for your research. In such a case, you should either find another topic or narrow/broaden this one. Conducting a research is also necessary to make sure you have all the necessary information and resources to fully cover your topic.

        5.Write down a thesis statement

You should focus your research on a single main idea. For sure, there should be additional points but only one main idea. Thus, formulate a clear thesis statement, which will be the focal point of your paper around which you build your research

        6.Formulate research question

When you have the main idea, formulate the research question. There might be only one or several. These are the exact question you are going to answer in your research paper

            Types of research questions

Based on the type and intent of your research paper, there are three main types of research questions.

  1. Descriptive research questions. They are used when the main intent of your paper is to describe or investigate something.
  2. Causal research questions. These questions are used when your aim is to establish cause-effect relationships.
  3. Comparative, relational, or observational research question. This type of questions is used when the purpose is to compare two or more objects, analyze them, or observe

         7.Create an outline

Don’t forget about such an important step as a “plan” for your essay. An outline can be compared to a plan. In it you write down all the ideas you want to cover and organize them in a logical order. When writing your research, you simply follow the plan and develop t

Best research paper topics

Now its high time to choose a good research paper topics. We have collected the most relevant and interesting ideas and categorized them. So, you will definitely find what you need. And off we go!

High School

  1. How to prevent bullying at school
  2. The main causes and outcomes of global warming
  3. The most devastating natural disasters of the century
  4. Teachers should pass professional tests as often as students do
  5. If students wear uniforms, them teachers also should
  6. Should sportsmen focus on sports only or be equally dedicated to all the subject at school
  7. High school students should be treated as adults
  8.  The results of Obama presidency
  9. College education should be free
  10. High School students should be allowed to choose 90% of the subjects

College research paper topics

  1. Obama vs Trump presidency
  2. College students should be allowed to vote
  3. How vegetarianism helps decrease greenhouse effect
  4. Traditional vs online learning
  5. Education should not be free
  7. Causes of stress among college students
  8. Is  it still important to have a diploma?
  9. The origins of AIDS
  10. Government should provide more support to students

Controversial research paper topics

  1. Is animal testing ethical?
  2. What is the fair punishment for killers?
  3. Homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt kids?
  4. Who’s the most effective US president
  5. The world’s economy no 1
  6. Marijuanna should not be legalized
  7. What is the main world religion
  8. Are all muslims terrorists?
  9. Who’s to blame for bad education at schools
  10. College students should no receive homework

 Research paper topics on environment

  1. Recycling should become a way of life to people
  2. Overpopulation is the main cause of increased pollution in cities
  3. Countries with the most ecologically friendly laws
  4. Is global warming a hoax?
  5. Fossil fuels should be replaced with alternative energy sources
  6. Using hybrid cars and public transport is the way to decreased environmental pollution.
  7. What are the major ocean pollutants?
  8.  How to become more ecologically conscious?
  9. The relationship between ocean pollution and fresh air
  10. How to manage increasing overpopulation?

Business ethics

  1. Is it possible to lead business in an ethical way?
  2. Installation of cameras to monitor employees
  3. Toxic leadership. Causes, outcomes, and ways out
  4. Should employees use social media when at work?
  5. How to solve ethical dilemmas at the workplace?
  6. Do businesses really adhere to GDPR policies or just pretend to?
  7. Principles of international business ethics
  8. Are codes of ethics necessary for the companies?
  9. Common ethical dilemmas at the workplace.
  10. How to create a code of ethics for the multinational company

Persuasive research paper topics

  1. Animal testing is unethical and should be forbidden
  2. Death penalty is a crime
  3. Animal sports is nothing but  an exploitation 
  4. Online dating is dangerous
  5. Globalization makes people lonely instead of bringing them closer
  6. All the adults should undergo psychological sessions
  7. Parents should be responsible for their kids even after 18 years
  8. All the students should take a gap year before college
  9. Students should not be allowed to work. They should focus on education
  10. Euthanasia is a mercy

World History research paper topics

  1. Boston Tea party causes and outcomes
  2. Civil rights movements results
  3. What were the real reasons of the Cold War
  4. Is the Great Depression Possible today?
  5. Russian empire in the US history
  6. Could the USSR exist today?
  7. American politics through the history
  8. Homeland security
  9. Louisiana purchase
  10. Greatest mistakes in the US history

Cannot find the right topic for your research?

If even after reading the whole list it is difficult for you to come up with your research paper topic or thesis ideas, try expert thesis writers help.  Specify your instructions, preferences, set the deadline and professional writers will complete a quality and original paper, allowing you to spend time on other important issues or just have some free time.