Where Does the Thesis Statement Go - Detailed Guide

Where Does the Thesis Statement Go - Detailed Guide
Table of Contents
  1. Where Does the Thesis Statement Go - Detailed Guide
  2. What Is a Thesis Statement?
  3. Importance of a Thesis Statement
  4. Why a Thesis Statement Is Required to Be in the Intro
  5. What Is the Connection between a Thesis & Body?
  6. Should You Repeat a Thesis in a Conclusion?
  7. Final Say!

If you do not know what a thesis statement is and what this sentence is for, it means that you have never written an essay. However, we are always ready to explain it all to you. So what is the thesis? How is it formed and formulated? Where does the thesis statement go? Why a successful thesis is half the success in essay writing process? And where to hire and expert to 'write a thesis for me?' Let us have this all straightforward and move your education level further.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a crucial part of any writing piece be it an essay or a college thesis. Being a short statement that reflects what the author wants to convey to the one reading the essay, it is the very center of your text. In other words, when you write a thesis statement, you are to make it compliant with the main idea you are proving and support it with main points going further in the text. You can use a life situation, media article, an opinion of a scientist, a scientific theory, video content or a fact proven by science as an argument to support your thesis.

All in all, a function of a thesis statement is to:

  • introduce the reader to the main message you intend to deliver;
  • understand what the essay will be all about;
  • jump to the main points of your writing;
  • make your writing straight to the point.

Apart from the correct formulation, it is also important to find out where to put a thesis statement. Since it is a thesis that introduces a reader to the main idea of your college essay, it appears at the introductory part, which is a beginning of your piece. Thus, a person doesn’t need to scan the whole piece to get what it is all about, without being confused. Your mission is to use the introduction space for providing some background information to the reader, prove the relevancy of the topic, and firmly state your opinion. If you are new to any academic writing, study a thesis structure first. It is necessary to have a general understanding of every part of your work from the beginning.

Of course, our statement is not indisputable. There perhaps will be someone who will want to know the reason of why you have made such a conclusion. That is why it is highly important to substantiate a good thesis with arguments that are easy to notice. In the perfect world, a thesis statement should be supported by no less than two related main points. One argument may seem inconclusive to the reader, whereas six or seven proof-points of evidence will simply overload the text. However, you are free to bring any number of arguments to your thesis. Their number and type depend on the very thought you are proving, the logic of the narration, the text word count, etc. What is important here is to preserve the consistency, brevity, and imagery of the text.

Importance of a Thesis Statement

The main purpose of writing a thesis statement is to summarize the available material, to give an idea in brief formulations, to reveal the content of a relatively large piece. It is also a way to deeply explain the issue, let the reader analyze it, and create the possibility of opposing one's thoughts to the thoughts of others, or completing the latter. That is why a thesis statement is considered to be a significant part of the text, no less important than its introduction, body, or conclusion paragraphs.

The quality of a thesis determines how the readers understand the entire work as a whole and make a decision about the need to get acquainted with the text in full. Unsuccessfully written thesis statements can make the reader bored, whereas well-thought-out statements can intrigue a person and make him read the entire piece even if the one hasn’t been previously interested in the topic of your writing.

Why a Thesis Statement Is Required to Be in the Intro

So where does the thesis statement go? Why is it necessary to place it at the very beginning? For the reader who does not know the problem you are covering in your work well, it is necessary to introduce him to the theme as well as your opinion. Therefore, the introduction paragraph is not a simple compositional part of the argumentative essay but also a document that includes its important characteristics. If the content of the main part is dictated by the topic specifics, then the content of the introduction thesis should correspond to a certain rule. It must necessarily include a number of generally valid formulations.

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First of all, it should begin with a justification of the relevance of the chosen topic, which is an effective approach. Apart from providing background information, it should manifest your scientific and professional maturity. A well-written introduction contains 1-2 sentences that reflect the main ideas of the piece. As a general rule, these are to be placed at the very end of the introduction and have smooth links to the body part of an academic essay. We do hope to have answered your question “where does the thesis statement go?”.

What’s important about thesis statement writing:

  1. it should be 1-2 sentence long;
  2. it should be placed in the intro;
  3. it should be supported by main points and arguments;
  4. it should be restated in the conclusion.

What Is the Connection between a Thesis & Body?

The general content of the body part should correspond to the topic to research and serve the action of its exhaustive disclosure. The body part is to be built so that the thesis statement (a sentence that states the opinion you are proving) looks reasoned, the judgments given are weighted, and the logical line is well-thought-out. The text should not leave anything superfluous, if it is not the author's intention. In other words, a thesis statement will hardly serve its purpose if there are no reasonable main points supporting it.

Should You Repeat a Thesis in a Conclusion?

Being a final synthesis of all the paper content, a conclusion is to sum up everything from the body part. What is more, it is just a perfect place to restate the main message you intend to deliver. Although it has already been sated and discussed in detail in the main part in the paper, both main arguments and a thesis should be referred to in the concluding part of your piece. The text of the thesis conclusion should be written in a way so that each statement relates to the purpose and objectives of the study. It should be a kind of report on the work done and carry out the synthesis on the basis of the analysis performed.

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Final Say!

Based on the above, a thesis is the main statement of any piece of writing. In order for it to work well, you are to find the right placing for it; formulate it smarthy; and support it with strong arguments. In order to make the thesis clear and easy to remember, it is formulate the main idea so that it sounds like your own opinion, a personal discovery that you are ready to defend. Use the introduction and conclusion as the best places for stating and restating a thesis. Just to make sure that it all works for you, we recommend you to use convincing arguments and reliable facts to support your opinion.

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