Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Effective as of Jun 5, 2023

Here at, we take pride in our high Customer satisfaction rate, with more than 95% of our Customers returning for future orders. We understand, though, that sometimes things may not go according to plan. In those rare cases, we want you to feel secure with our Money-Back Guarantee. is committed to fostering transparent financial relations between our Writers and Customers, particularly concerning the services we provide. We are held accountable for delivering your product promptly and in accordance with the requirements you specify in your order. Should there be any violation of our Writers' commitments regarding order delivery, you are eligible to request a partial or full refund as per our Refund Policy.

Our Money-Back Guarantee is designed to cover specific cases, which we outline in our policy. However, if your situation does not neatly fit into any category, we encourage you to reach out to our Support Team. We're always here to discuss the nature of your request and find the best possible solution.

At, we aim to combine quality service with the assurance of a fair and clear refund process, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your journey with us.

Assurance and Refund Eligibility serves as a platform, facilitating the connection between Writers and Customers. It's important to note that we are not party to any agreements established between Writers and Customers or involved directly in the provision of any services or materials provided by the Writers. Consequently, we do not actively monitor the transactions between Customers and Writers.

However, our commitment to you extends beyond simply offering a platform for academic assistance; we also uphold your right to satisfaction. Our Refund Policy ensures your protection by providing the right to request a refund if the product delivered by the Writer does not align with the requirements specified in your Order.

In our quest to maintain transparency and fairness, we have outlined specific circumstances under which a refund can be granted. To provide the utmost confidence in our services, we want to ensure you leave with a clear understanding of our refund process and a feeling of absolute satisfaction.

The following are the circumstances in which you can request a refund:

Customers have the privilege to cancel orders under specific conditions:

  • Early Cancellation: If no Writer has been assigned to the Order, the Customer is entitled to a 100% refund.
  • Late Cancellation: If the Writer has already commenced work on the Order, the refund amount will be proportional to the remaining work yet to be completed, up to a maximum of 70%. If the Order has been fully completed, it will be treated as a Disputed Claim.
  • Cancellation Without Assigned Writer: In exceptional cases where no Writer has been assigned, a full refund will be issued.

Late Delivery

Refunds for delays in delivery are contingent upon the circumstances:

  • Company's Fault: If the delay is attributable to our error, the Customer may receive a partial refund based on the difference in timeframes, provided they still intend to use the work. If the Customer chooses not to download the provided work, a full refund can be granted.
  • Customer's Fault: If the delay is due to the Customer's actions, such as the inability to proceed with the order due to missing information or details, no refund can be granted.

Quality Concerns

Claims regarding poor quality will be evaluated on an individual basis:

  • Detailed Complaint: The Customer must present specific reasons and valid arguments explaining why they believe the work is of unsatisfactory quality.
  • Completed Status: If the Order has been marked as "Completed," the Customer is ineligible for a refund.

Originality Disputes

Claims concerning the originality of the work are treated seriously:

  • Plagiarism Report: The Customer must provide an official report from SafeAssign or Turnitin. If the report indicates that more than 10% of the work is plagiarized, the Customer is eligible for a full refund. This calculation excludes citations, quotations, and general phrases.

Duplication of Orders or Charges

Refunds for duplicate orders or charges are handled as follows:

  • Double Billing: If a Customer has been mistakenly billed twice for the same Order, the additional charge will be fully refunded.
  • Duplicate Orders: If the Customer accidentally places two similar orders, standard cancellation rules apply. In the event of two identical orders being placed and paid for, it will be assumed that both orders are required, and work will proceed accordingly. If an order has been unintentionally paid for, immediate contact must be made with us to rectify the situation.

Please note that if a 100% refund is granted, you are prohibited from using the Product, and all rights granted under the Product License are terminated.

Non-Refundable Cases

Our commitment to high-quality service includes a money-back guarantee. However, certain situations and actions exclude the possibility of a refund. Please carefully review the following cases where a refund is not possible:

  • Product Usage: If you have utilized the product for personal reasons, a refund is not granted. And the refund amount is subject to the Quality Assurance Department's investigation.
  • Academic Grades: Please note that we do not guarantee specific academic grades. Our platform is an educational resource designed to collaborate with Customers and Writers to enhance your learning. We cannot offer refunds based on grade dissatisfaction or course failure, as our task is to aid you in accordance with the requirements stipulated in your order.
  • Editing and Proofreading: If the provided editing or proofreading order fails to meet your expectations, a refund cannot be granted. It is your responsibility to set clear requirements and expectations for the order. We do not assume liability for contextual errors or originality issues in the materials you provide to the Writer.
  • Refund Period: Refunds are only available within fourteen (14) calendar days post-delivery for short Products (less than 5500 words) and within thirty (30) calendar days post-delivery for extensive Products (more than 5500 words). Any requests made beyond this time frame will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Order Status: If the status of your order is displayed as "completed," a refund is not possible.
  • Quality Complaint: If you express dissatisfaction with your order but fail to provide detailed proof supporting your claim, we cannot investigate your complaint or issue a refund.
  • Technical Issues: We are not liable for technical or other issues on your end that prevent you from downloading the product.
  • Plagiarism Proof: If you fail to provide valid proof of plagiarism as described in our policy, a refund cannot be granted.
  • Insufficient Information: If the delivery date was missed due to insufficient materials provided by you or inability to contact you via the provided means of communication, a refund is not possible.
  • Invalid Email Address: Refunds are communicated and processed via email. If the email address associated with your account is invalid, we cannot proceed with your request.
  • Deadline Discrepancy: If the deadline indicated in the order form differs from the actual required one, a refund cannot be granted.
  • Late Download: If you download the product after the order deadline and only then request a refund due to lateness, a refund is not possible.
  • Value-Added Services (VASes): These are non-refundable and are considered an integral part of the initial product and service. Exceptions include "Draft", "Originality report", or “AI Content report” if they were not provided to the Customer.

Refund Processing

Upon receiving a refund confirmation, we will initiate the refund within two business days. Please be advised that we cannot be held responsible for any bank transfer fees, anomalies, or potential delays due to bank service issues.


In the event of a chargeback initiated by a credit card company or similar action by another authorized payment provider, we reserve the right to suspend access to any and all of your accounts with us. Any fees or costs incurred due to chargebacks or payment disputes initiated by you, your bank, or a payment provider that require accounting or legal services will be your responsibility.

Account Deletion

You have the right to request the deletion of your account at any time. However, please note that we do not offer refunds for account cancellation. If we suspend or terminate your account due to a violation of our policies, you understand and agree that you will not be eligible for a refund or exchange for any unused services, any content or data linked to your account, or anything else.

Third-Party Payment Services

We employ third-party payment services to process your payments. This is to ensure your credit/debit card information is not directly processed by us. We use a third-party page, therefore, all transactions are secured, as our partners employ encryption protection. We do not store your payment information on our servers.

Customer Data

By using our services, you agree that the billing information you provide for payment is processed solely by our partner payment providers. We do not collect, store, or process your billing information. You also acknowledge that we are not responsible for any failures of the third party to adequately protect such information.

The processing of payments will be subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of our partner payment providers, in addition to this policy. Please note that we may change our partner payment providers and transfer your information to other service providers that encrypt your information using secure socket layer technology (SSL) or comparable security measures.

Payment Purpose

Payments made through our website are exclusively intended for the exchange and delivery of educational services between Customers and Writers. These payments should not be used for any fraudulent, criminal, or illegal activities as defined by law.

Authorship Rights Post-Refund

If an order is canceled, the Customer is barred from using the products that have been provided prior to the cancellation. As per our terms and conditions, we retain full authorship of the products from the canceled order, and the Customer has no rights to use them. Furthermore, the product will be uploaded to repository services, marking it as 100% non-original.

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