Want to Become a Great Thesis Writer? Here's Your Guide

Want to Become a Great Thesis Writer? Here's Your Guide

Thesis writing is one of the most confusing things for students. We’ll tell you what to do and what not to do when doing the thesis writing for your essay.

Do’s for thesis writing

Think of two parts that the statement will consist of. You can mention an argument and some supporting ideas for it. Before you start thesis writing, it’s good to analyze your resources. You should find everything that is closely related to the controversy, tension, or complication. How do the authors express themselves? If you need to analyze a novel, you may analyze it from a completely new angle.

  • Got it? Write it! When you have finished reading and analyzing, you should write your thoughts for a thesis writing task. Thinking is good but you may lose some of your ideas in a few days. And thesis writing will become a much easier task as you will have a list of raw ideas to think of and end up with a good statement.
  • Know the size. If you still doubt how to write a good thesis, remember where to put it in the text. It should be the beginning of the paper. And it’s the last sentence or a few sentences of the introduction. If you have a one-page essay, you should have only one sentence for the writing task.
  • Think of the counterarguments. When you finish thesis writing, you can think of the things that can be opposite to the statement. These ideas will help you evaluate your piece and decide if it’s compelling and strong enough to remain as it is. If you cannot find an opposing argument to your statement, you may have an obvious fact instead of a thesis.
  • Add a claim. Your writing should be arguable and definable. If you describe a historical event, stating the fact is not enough. You can add a few words about how it influenced the lives of people or the political situation in the country. You can make your thesis writing more efficient if you read opinions about that event expressed by the experts.
  • Be clear and specific. The fewer words you use for the thesis writing task, the more efficient it will be. It’s good to learn to express your thoughts with the help of the minimum number of words. And you should make sure that every reader will get an idea of what you want to say with those words.

Red flags in writing a thesis

Here are the things that are better to avoid when you’re a thesis writer.

Don’t ask a question. If you want your readers to think of the statement and make them think of some arguments for or against it, the question is not an option. In most of the cases, thesis writing routine will fail. Readers will not consider a question as a strong thesis statement as it doesn’t refer to anything but their own thoughts.

Don’t make a list. We know how hard it can be to detect one idea and express it. When you have the task of thesis writing, you may have this list in your outline. But you should always end up with a single statement that will reflect the main idea of an essay. Making a list will make readers think that you are not good at researching and developing strong arguments.

Don’t be negative. Thesis writing shouldn’t be a hate speech about a problem or any fact. There shouldn’t be a subjective opinion that everything is so bad that you can’t deal with it anyhow. You may have readers that don’t share your personal opinion and they may consider your paper as not the one that is worth reading.

How to write a thesis: Where to start?

When you know what to do and what not to do during writing routine, you may face the fact that you don’t know where to start. You can start your way by reading the topic of your essay and googling it. A thesis writer faces a chance that some people would have already discussed this problem or issue and you may find various opinions about it.

If you find them, your next step will be finding evidence for each opinion. Thesis writing is not a manifestation of your fantasy - you should always rely on strong arguments. If you don’t do this, you may fail.

Need help with thesis writing?

It may appear that you have conducted super great research, found argument and supporting evidence for the essay, but you cannot deal with a thesis writing task. It often happens and there are no reasons to worry about it. All you need to do in such a case is informing us about this situation and letting us help you right away.