Is It Safe to Use Hola VPN For Personal Work?

Is It Safe to Use Hola VPN For Personal Work?
Table of Contents
  1. Is It Safe to Use Hola VPN For Personal Work?
  2. Pricing of Hola VPN Plans
  3. Is Hola VPN a Virus?
  4. Is Hola VPN Safe For Netflix?
  5. Does Hola VPN change your IP address?
  6. FAQs

In this modern era, every internet user wants every piece of information about their query. But sometimes it might look hard to get all data about your topic due to geo-restrictions. It stops users to reach the content such as articles, websites, videos that are restricted by the regional government or authorities. But Hola VPN can be your savior regarding this issue. Same as other VPNs it can give you the ability to get all data without revealing your identity. But most of the time users ask that is it safe to use Hola VPN or not? So let’s find the answer to this question and know more about Hola VPN.

Pricing of Hola VPN Plans

Hola VPN gives you the ability to choose from its 3 plan monthly, yearly plan, and 3-year plan. You can select any of them according to your budget. Each will give you some additional benefit that is so attractive to buy Hola VPN.

Monthly Plan of Hola VPN: The one-month subscription plan of Hola VPN costs you $14.99 per month. It will not be a good idea if you continue to buy this plan for the long term.

Hola One Year Plan: This plan will provide you a direct discount of 50% off on Hola VPN. For 1-year plan, you have to pay $92.26 as a single-time payment for a year. That means this amazing deal costs you $7.69 per month for a year. It will be so profitable if you buy this plan to get the services of Hola VPN.

3-Year Plan of Hola VPN: With this plan of Hola VPN you will get a direct cut-price of 50%. This 3-year Hola VPN plan will cost you $107.55 for three years. You just have to pay this entire amount at one time to get this amazing plan. It means you pay $2.99 per month for the next three years of using the services of Hola VPN.

Usually, the prices of Hola VPN are so reasonable. But if you still think it is costly for you then by using Hola VPN Promo Code you can make it so cheaper for you. Using this coupon can give you a better-discounted deal than any other place on Hola VPN.

Is Hola VPN a Virus?

The premium and ultra-plan of Hola VPN are the most money-saving and best plans of this company. Same as other companies Hola VPN also provides users to use a free version of it. The free service of Hola VPN is much better than another service provider.

According to the research of internet security experts. Hola uses the IP addresses of their users to provide other users a better facility. So it means if you are in Japan and want to get a content of Australia. Then Hola provides you IP of Australian users of free Hola services. Same as if Australian user wants to access the content of Japan then it will give them an IP address of Japan user who used free service of Hola VPN.

Is Hola VPN Safe For Netflix?

If you use the freemium service of Hola VPN then it might not work with Netflix. But in some cases, it can easily provide you access to the Netflix of another country. Freemium service of Hola VPN only gives you a limit of 500 MB per month for your browsing. And we all know in this modern world 500MB is not a big number in terms of data usage. Anyone can easily consume 500 MB in one day. So it is so hard to use only 500 Mb for the whole month.

But if you are a paid user of Hola VPN services then accessing Netflix in another country is not a big deal for you. The premium subscription of Hola VPN is the best offer from the company. it has great savings deals to offer to new users who want to buy Hola VPN for their browsing.

Does Hola VPN change your IP address?

Yes Hola VPN changes your IP address with the country you selected to browse your data. It indicates the internet that you are virtually browsing from the country you selected before.

The best thing most of the Hola users like is its Hola extension. Users can visit any page of any website and by clicking on the extension you can easily change your country. You can also get more information about it by reading any of the Hola VPN Review. it will be good to know more about this amazing VPN service.


  • Is Hola VPN secure?

Hola VPN considered itself as a privacy-providing network. But when it comes to its freemium service it disappoints everyone.

  • Can you get banned from Netflix for using Hola?

Netflix is smarter than any other entertainment network. It can easily catch you if you use VPN and ban your IP.

  • Can Hola unblock Netflix easily?

Yes, Hola worked with Netflix. But sometimes it is unable to access the Netflix of countries like the US, and Japan.